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On a sunny morning in February 2008, we trample over this land and our eyes catch sight of the olive trees; certainty is needed, plus a feeling of well-being: this is it! Then, one discovery after another: the farmland to be tamed, a ruin to be restored, learn about harvesting olives, let yourself be "impregnated" by this wild Umbria and its inhabitants ...

The ruins consisted of two separate buildings: the old farmhouse, dating back to the 8th century AD. and another building, rebuilt in the eighteenth century on the old foundations and renovated after 1945; in addition to this, the old pigsty. All that remained was to start from the foundations and the remains of the existing walls, elaborating an architectural project in harmony with the place and the environment.

The choice of building materials, the production of hot water and electricity, the collection of rainwater from roofs to irrigate the gardens respect an ecological ethic (in terms of energy: solar panels to heat water, photovoltaic panels to feed air-to-air heat pumps and produce electricity).

Little by little, the buildings have come back to life ... They consist of an administrative part, a private part and two apartments, intended to accommodate guests of the agriturismo.

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The swimming pool is ready, as is the well-organized vegetable garden for the enjoyment of our guests.

The agricultural part of the estate has not been neglected during all this time. Since 2009, we have been an organic farm certified by ICEA. The produce has been certified organic since 2012.
The different stages:
- the creation of two truffle grounds (summer truffles and winter truffles) in 2010,
- several operations to plant the Moraiolo olive trees,
- the planting an almond grove on a plot of land,
- the start of marketing of our organic products in 2016: lentils, chickpeas, spelt grain, spelt flour and extra virgin olive oil.

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Frazione Porziano, 43
Assisi (PG) - Italy
Tel. +39 334 8423930

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Gaiattone Eco Resort
Frazione Porziano 43 - Assisi (PG) Italy
Tel.  +39 334 8423930
gaiattone certified organic farm icea bio products
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